A r t i s t

A r t i s t
Born in 1979, Varna, Bulgaria .Graduated MA in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria /2007/ and Specialization from the Graphic Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland /2008/ . Lives and works in Varna, Bulgaria. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists /2010/

In my works I recreate the relationship between myself and people in a manipulated reality. The unusual and dim worlds that I create in graphics, drawings, collages, photographs and installations are as fruit of my memories and creative inventions. New world order, the role of icons in modern society and attitudes towards animals are just some of the topics that repeatedly can be found in my works. Passing of religion in politics, to everyday situations absurd, I'm interested in more common emotional and mental conditions such as narcissism, longing for love and beauty. I have already been working with existing visual material, which I enrich with my own developments with narrative character. I tell my stories in a new way, focusing on specific aspects of the plot and so I describe my experiences once again, but this time as a spectator.

Selected solo exhibitions:

- Kokimoto Surprise, Intro Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

- Mercury Retrograde, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Global Worminc, Cu29, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Matryo$ka, A+ Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Maneki Neko Kokimoto, Studio 24, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Matryo$ka, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
- Global Worm Inc. Project, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- SeaEscape, U P.A.R.K. Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Inversion with Antoniya Koeva- Nitra, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
- Spiritual Trip, Betahaus, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Erotic Sound In The Wheels Of The Christian Engine, City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Deja-vu Permanent, K.E.V.A. Sofia, Bulgaria
- The Egocentric Love 2, Temporary Center, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
- Kokimoto SURPRISE, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
- The Egocentric Love, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- La vie en rose, Modern Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

- So fresh, so clean 2, 1908 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- So fresh, so clean, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Spiritual Trip, Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium

- Ex Libris artist of today, The Frederikshavn Art Museum, Denmark
- Samples of reality, Arhis Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- The road to the top, Under P.A.R.K. Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Nautical landscapes by Kokimoto, 1908 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

- Erotic sound in the wheels of the Christian engine, 5 Open Art Space, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Bulgarian posts: traditions, quality, confidence, Yuka Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Circulus vitiosus: I’m the great, because I’m the great, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Contemporary cats by Kokimoto, Gallery Sigvardson, Rodby, Denmark
- Identity lost, 1908 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- You are involved… just like me, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- A matter of taste/Showcase #1, Octopus Industries Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria
- System error, Fof Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Kokimoto in the insane land, Comics Club, Varna, Bulgaria
- Permanent drawings, Museum Yanaki Manasiev, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Selected group exhibitions:

- Graphic Art Exhibition, Bulgarian Cultural Institute Gallery, Czech Republic
- Persecution of Evil Spirits, Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia

- Fifth Annual Exhibition - Context, Contemporary Space, Varna
- A Show without a Title but in the Hiliday spirit, Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia
- CLUSTER Collective Exhibition, Fourth Edition - Illustration, Below One Fifteen Pop Up Space, Shoreditch, London
- RE FORGET YOUR PAST Project by Nikola Mihov, Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia
- THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0, Jean Tinguely "Luminator"Exhibition event space Euroairport, Art Basel Art Weeks in Basel, Switzerland
- 16th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, Lodz, Poland
- First International Print Biennial Yerevan, Armenia

- Image and Likeness, 77 self-portraits from the collection of Nikolai Nedelchev, City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Samowar Group Exhibition, Coucou Gallery, Kassel, Germany
- European Cuteness Art, Sofia Arsenal-MCA, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini-prints Biennial, Art Museum of Guangzhou, China
- 04. Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia
- V. Printmaking Exhibition Istanbul, Painting and Sculpture Museums Association, Istanbul, Turkey
- European Cuteness Art, Pallazzo Del Parlamento di Romania, Sala Espositiva "Constantin Brancusi", Bucharest, Romania

- Samowar Group Exhibition, Coucou Gallery, Kassel, Germany
- Save the Dreams, Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria, Bulgarian collection of Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy
-Favorite city, Plakatkombinat Exhibition, One Design Week, Sound trap, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- I love this film, Plakatkombinat Exhibition, Casa del Cinema, Rome, Italy
- 4th Edition Premio Santa Croce Ex libris - Piccola Grafica, Villa Pacchiani - Centro Espositivo, Santa Croce Sull'Arno, Italy
- The Paper in Contemporary Art, Yordan Parushev Foundation, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Paris, France

- Assembly of Shame, Mozei Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Culture LTD, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
- Plakat Kombinat Group Exhibition, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom
- What Happened? Painting Exhibition, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- New Shades in Contemporary Art, City Art Gallery, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
- Contemporary Bulgarian Print Exhibition, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain
- Blue Horse Group Show, National Gallery Dom Kaneti, Ruse, Bulgaria
- Eurasia Art Express Project, International Art Fair, SSEE Space, Daejeon, South Korea
- The 3rd Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini Prints Biennial, China
- Incubator Group Show, Trap Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Hanga Forum, Contemporary Bulgarian Print Exhibition, Higashi Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

- The Third Finger, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
The Wrong, New Digital Art Biennale 2013 Homeostasis Lab public pavilion, Sao Paulo
- The Portret, Modern Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Plakatkombinat, A:part:mental, Sofia Design Week, Bulgaria
- Koshmart 2 project, Raketa rakia bar, Sofia Design Week, Bulgaria
- NEOhranyaema Zona, Georgi Velchev Museum Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

- Chances, Choices, Changes, Curated by Marina Galvani, World Bank, NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria (catalogue)
- Absolut Blank Project, Fabrica 126, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Contemporary Bulgarian Printmaking, Vernon Public Art Gallery, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (catalogue)
- MO - The Winners, Modern Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Shoop, Review of Contemporary Digital Images, Curated by Studio Don't Fuck This Up, Dalles, Texas, USA
- Koshmart Project, Sofia Design Week, Kanaal bar, Sofia, Bulgaria
- East of Best. Young Bulgarian Contemporary Art, Roodkapje Rottterdam Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- The 3rd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand (catalogue)
- Post Pop Punks at Cohn Drennan Contemporay Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
- Digital Print, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Animal Farm, Epreuve d'Artiste Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium
- Weeky Freaky Art Weekend,
curated by Kokimoto, Kaliakria Resort, Bulgaria
- Process - Space Art Festival 20, Balchik, Bulgaria
- Curated by_Vienna 2011, Portraits and Self Portraits in Private Collections, C
urated by Liliana Popescu, Knoll Gallery, Vienna, Austria (catalogue)
- Free interpretation with Antoniya Koleva - Nitra and Mihaela Zoeva, Made in Home, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Dream Boxes Project, Contemporay Art Exhibition, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Border Situation: The Drawing in Contemporary Art, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Prague, Czech Republic

- SHORTLIST 2010, Exhibition of The Nominated Artists for The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (catalogue)
- The Big Wave, Curated by Maria Vasileva, August in Art, Biennial of Contemporary Art, Varna, Bulgaria (catalogue)
- 10х5х3, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Section 13 Exhibition, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- KunStart 10, 7th International Art Fair of Bolzano, Italy (catalogue)
- The 14th International Biennial Print Exhibition, R.O.C., Taichung, Taiwan (catalogue)
- Border Situation: The Drawing in Contemporary Art, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

- The Totaly New – Old Vision by Kokimoto Industry Project, Cafe Look, Con.tempo – Weekend for Contemporary Art in Varna, Bulgaria
- LETTRA – Print and Letter, Curator Teresa B. Frodyma, Krakow, Poland (catalogue)
- ARTVILNIUS, The First International Contemporary Art Fair in The Baltic States – Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania (catalogue)
- 3rd International Printmaking Exhibiton, Istanbul, Turkey (catalogue)
- Collective Exhibition Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo, Complesso Monumentale S. Anna, Ortona, Italy (catalogue)
- 15th international Print Biennial Exhibition, Varna, Bulgaria (catalogue)
- Contemporary Bulgarian Art Prints, Higashi Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan (catalogue)
- The First Alexandria Biennial for Miniature Graphics, Alexandria, Egypt (catalogue)

- 1st International Printmaking Biennial Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey (catalogue)
- XXXII International Ex Libris Congress in Beijing, China (catalogue)
- 1st Contemporary Art Festival Puzzle, Burgas, Bulgaria
- XV International Naestved Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Prints Exhibition, Denmark

- The 48th Annual Print Exhibition, Sakima Art Museum Okinawa Prefecture Tokyo, Japan (catalogue)
- 7th Iosif Iser International Contemporary Engraving Biennial, Romania (catalogue)
- 13th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and The Mediterranean, Puglia, Italy
- 3rd International Experimental Engraving Biennial, Ilfov, Romania
- 23rd International Ex Libris Biennial, Sint Niklaas, Belgium (catalogue)
- 5th Arte e Il Torchio Exhibition Contemporary Bulgarian Engravers, Cremona, Italy (catalogue)
- The First Frisian Small Print Biennial Exhibition, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
- 17th ShinKohanga Ex Libris Exhibition,Tokyo, Metropolitan Art Space, Japan
- 14th international Print Biennial Exhibition, Varna, Bulgaria


- 2nd International Printmaking Exhibition Tabula Rasa, Istambul, Turkey (catalogue)
- 3rd International Ex Libris Exhibition, Lomazzo, Italy
- 26th Mini Print International Exhibition, Cadaques, Spain
- The Iowa Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature Prints, USA
- Fine Arts International Exhibition Antonio Gualda, Granada, Spain
- 4th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, BIMPE IV, Canada

Selected awards:

- MOST - Finalist, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, the Museum Gallery of Modern Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

- Annual Stalker Award, Georgi Velchev Museum, Varna, Bulgaria
- Annual Award for young artist, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
- Award for Contemporary Bulgarian Art Print, Higashi Chichibu Saitama Prefecture, Japan
- Award for young Artist, National Exhibition of Small Graphic Forms, SIBANK Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Grand Prix, 4th International Biennial of Mini Prints, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia
- Silver Medal and Merit Diploma, 2nd Remo Palmirani’s Prize, Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo, Ortona, Italy
- Honour Prize, VII International Ex Libris Competition Gliwice, Poland
- 1st Award for Engraving, Bulgaria Part of the European Puzzle, National Campaign of Meglena Kuneva, Sofia, Bulgaria
- 2nd Award for Painting, Fine Arts International Contest Antonio Gualda, Granada, Spain
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